A full-stack web application built for goTenna.  Designed, developed and deployed in under two weeks.


#imeshyou is a website created for goTenna as part of the release of their new mesh networking device, the goTenna Mesh.  #imeshyou was made as a promotional addition for the launch of their kickstarter campaign, which was met within two days.  The site is meant to show the community of mesh users around the world – backers of the kickstarter campaign would register their new devices and add them to the map.  A mesh network gets more powerful as more people join, and seeing the active users is an encouragement to join the network.


Visit now at imeshyou.com


The site runs on MongoDB (mlab), Node, React and Leaflet with Digital Ocean hosting and nginx servers.  Code on github.


Map cluster animations


Registering a new mesh node