Mass Mycotecture

This is a bookshelf, made entirely of fungus.  Produced for “The Fungus Among Us” at ITP, taught by Marina Zurkow.  Exploration of the new possibilities of fungus, coupled with a rigorous research and design process, were realized in a final project.


This shelf was created as an examination on the uses of mycelium (The “roots” of a mushroom) in mass production.  Imitating the flat-pack shipping method of IKEA, each piece of this shelf was grown in an individual mold.  Mycelium grows around a substrate of agricultural byproducts, such as corn husk, to naturally create the forms.  The pieces were then assembled, which grew together into this final structure.  The piece was meant to imitate the MDF and particle board so prevalent throughout the IKEA collection, materials which are resource-intensive and toxic to create. Instead, it is now possible to naturally grow a substitute. Completely biodegradable, the shelf can also be broken apart and placed in your garden when its useful lifespan has ended.


Measures 21″ x 21″ x 7″